Maggie Wu - Justin Lee Scandal

No clarification from Maggie Wu on the Maggie Wu leaked video, but Maggie was the first woman who claimed to have come into affair with Justin Lee, following the scandalous photos of Maggie Wu from different sources.
Maggie wu scandal occurred in Taiwan in which a man named Justin Lee, has a collection of Video scandal with some of the top artists in Taiwan.

Justin Lee is the son of Lee Yue Tsang, director of Yuanta Financial Holding's Company So fugitive police after he was found to have a video recording with 60 top artists of Taiwan. Justin's behavior after the discovery of one of the victims reported to the police.

Maggie Wu Justin Lee leaked videoVictims reported Justin Lee to the police after one of them made ​​unconscious and forced by Justin did Intimate relationships. The police then searched the computer investigation and found 10 other recordings by 10 artists over Taiwan.

The majority of the women in the video scandal conglomerate child slept in an unconscious condition, but some are unaware because smiling at the camera. Many artists Taiwan ever closer and allegedly dating Justin, but artists have always denied. Call it like Bianca Bai, Terri Kwan Jerry Yan's ex-girlfriend, and Maggie Wu.

But when will face further examination, Justin reportedly disappeared from Taiwan, he allegedly fled to the United States, Justin Lee is known to have U.S. passports.

Watch Maggie Wu Video!

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Justin Lee Latest Scandal

The latest news about Justin Lee s3x video scandal is surprising.

This 27-year-old man was said to have amounted to 883 minute s3x video.

justin lee video pic

Justin Lee admitted to record and store videos and photos amounted to 27.5 GB. He explained that the file is divided into 48 folders, each of which consists of 1-3 video and 3 hot photos. All in all, Justin has 176 photos and 93 videos with a total duration of 883 minutes.

The son of a Taiwanese conglomerate is argued all the women he slept was of age. But he was suspected of giving sleeping pills to drink woman he'd met at a night club. The camera was placed a hidden, because some video showed the woman did not look at the camera.

Citing Xin MSN website on Wednesday (29/8), Justin toll jumped from 31 to 50. Justin outstanding issues being targeted triad (mafia) are local to give lessons, because some women are still the relation triad. True or not, the police ensure safety Justin Taipei.

Surprisingly, video and personal photos Justin is spread in cyberspace, making netizens questioned the police performance have secured Justin's hard disk.

Olympics Badminton Scandal

Chinese badminton players, Yu Yang, one of the players were disqualified from the Olympics because London has been involved in engineering the game, finally declared fully withdrew from the sport.

badminton scandal video
In addition to Yu, the other women's doubles player who is disqualified teammate Wang Xiaoli, double South Korea's Jung Kyung-eun and Kim Ha-na and Ha Jung-eun and Kim Min-jung as well as Indonesia doubles Greysia Polii and Meiliana Jauhari. "This is my last competition. Good-bye Badminton World Federation (BWF), farewell beloved fur tangksi, "Yu said in his Tencent microblog account, Thursday (08/02/2012). "We just chose to use the rules to leave the game. It is only we did get a chance to fight better in the second round knockout. This is the first time the Olympics change the format of the game. Do not they realize the negative effects for athletes? "He said anyway.

"You have taken away our dreams," he wrote. "Virtually all can be very simple. But this is unforgivable, "he added.

The eight players were disqualified by the world federation badminton BWF for deliberately manipulate the game in search of a more favorable composition of the opponent in the next round. But their action was, in a way off the mark or accidentally hit the net soon caught in 4800 jeers greeted a packed home crowd at Wembley Arena matches.

China's official news agency, Xinhua, reported the China top officials have been demanding their players to apologize in public. Head coach of the Olympic badminton team of China, Li Yongbo, said his players act reflects the negative impact of the new rule applies. But he also emphasized that there was no justification for what the players. "The bottom line is we do not act professionally as an athlete and do not take every game seriously," he said.

In China, the scandal has sparked widespread reactions and debates on various micro-blogging site. Although quite a lot of people who criticize this scandal and assume that the players deserve to be punished, some are sympathetic. "They [the players] definitely should be sanctioned, but not just those who are to blame. Coach is the most responsible. The players were just a scapegoat, "wrote one user Sina Weibo, social networking sites like Twitter.

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Hulk Hogan Scandal

Hulk HoganThe latest celebrity to be involved in a sex tape scandal is Hulk Hogan. The tape features Hulk Hogan and a brunette girl. On the video, Hulk takes off his shirt and runs his hands through his long blonde hair. "I started to work out again."

His sex tape has dialogue! When the naughty business gets underway, it apparently shows Hulk with a tan line – in the shape of a thong. Hulk’s people have made a statement about the video, and even used his proper name.

It said: "Terry Bollea is appalled at the unauthorised release of a secretly filmed video. He neither approved of the filming nor the release of the same."

Columbian Prostitute Secret Service

colombia secret serviceA sex scandal involving secret service agents at U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to Colombia seems to be getting bigger, on Sunday (4/15/2012).

This occurred after visiting U.S. troops are also associated with the "use" female commercial sex workers.

Nine members of the secret service, known as the handling of security for senior members of the U.S. government was suspended and sent home after allegations of indecent treatment in the resort town of Cartagena, Colombia.

Five U.S. military personnel were also examined for the behavior mentioned in the hotel where the secret service staff were staying. They have been released and was allowed out of barracks.

Obama arrived Friday night at the Cartagena Summit for America. However, cases affecting overshadowing the military secret service and the regional leaders' meeting. The incident remains unclear who actually took place before Obama arrived. However, incidents involving security personnel and a number of female prostitutes.

secret service agentsFor the White House, the scandal adds to the complexity of Obama's efforts to retake a region where U.S. influence is fading. It also undermines the reputation of the secret services and raises questions about the quality of protection received by the President. Is considering the behavior of its staff in a country where guerrilla groups and drug gangs are still active.

The secret service did not disclose how the offense occurred. The White House said Obama had been notified of the incident.

Peter King, chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Homeland Security, said on Saturday, nearly all of the 11 agents that bring women into the hotel room that is separate from Obama's hotel stay.

King said he was told that anyone coming to stay at the hotel had to leave identification at the hotel reception and had to leave the hotel prior to 07:00 o'clock.

When a woman does not do that, hotel staff and police check. They found the woman was with a dealer in a hotel room. An argument occurred about whether the agency should pay for it. King said the agency is finally paying her.

The eleven members of the secret service is suspended it is a special agent, and no one was immediately assigned to protect Obama.

Although prostitution is legal in places that have been established in Colombia, such behavior would violate the rules for the secret services, in part because the agents could make it easier squeezed and counterespionage. "It also can help an enemy into security circles," said King.

An official at one of the main summit, said U.S. security contingent composition changed after the incident occurred.

Duke Lacrosse Sexual Assault Case

Duke Lacrosse Scandal img
In March, 2006, a woman who had been hired to dance at a party held by members of the Duke University lacrosse team told the police that she had been sexually assaulted by three players. Later that spring, the three were indicted on charges of rape, sexual assault and kidnapping by Michael B. Nifong, the district attorney of Durham County, N.C.

Fifteen months later, the students had been exonerated and Mr. Nifong had been removed from his post amid scathing criticism of his handling of the case.

In between the charges and their dismissal, the case touched nerves of race, sex and privilege, both nationally and in Durham, because the accuser was a poor, black local woman and the students were relatively affluent, white out-of-staters. It also tapped into a debate about the off-the-field behavior of college athletes and the proper role of big-money sports on America's university campuses.

Eventually, the case came to be seen by many -- especially among the players' supporters and on the Internet -- as a morality play of justice run off the rails by political correctness and the political ambitions of Mr. Nifong.

On April 11, 2007, the final charges against the three young men were dropped by the state attorney general, Roy A. Cooper, who had taken over the case. "We have no credible evidence that an attack occured,'' Mr. Cooper said.

On June 15, during a hearing on the ethics charges against him, Mr. Nifong announced that he would resign. The ethics panel hearing the case voted to disbar him, after ruling that that Mr. Nifong had made inflammatory remarks, withheld DNA evidence and misled a judge in the case. On June 19, Durham County's senior judge ordered Mr. Nifong suspended immediately, after learning that Mr. Nifong did not intend to step down until July.


Angelica Panganiban Scandal Pics

Angelica Panganiban Scandal pics
Angelica Panganiban scandal pics were posted on different sites, but upon browsing and after conduct of deep research, the said scandal is all about her movies and nothing appears as real scandal. All Angelica Scandal is only a rumor and no prof about this rumor scandal.

I also saw a scandal on the mobile phone titled "Angelica Panganiban Scandal" but when we check the girl on the video, it's only a clear look a like and not Angelica.

Alleged Angelica Panganiban was born on November 4, 1986 in Caloocan City. She grew up without a father since her parents separated when Angelica was only two years old.

Angelica Panganiban started in showbiz at the age of six in “Ang TV” of ABS-CBN. It was followed by “Gimik” in 1996 then she took a rest from showbiz to continue her studies.

A scandalous photo of Kapamilya star Angelica Panganiban is said to have been leaked online and have been spreading all over the internet like a burning bush.

The so called Angelica Panganiban scandal photo clearly resembles her face not wearing any bra and is seemed to have been photographed by someone close to her. If this alleged scandal photo was not photoshopped at all, then we’re pretty lucky to have seen such a nice piece of asset just posted around the corner for everyone to feast upon.

According to some rumors, the said Angelica Panganiban scandal picture could have been leaked by another Kapamilya celebrity who has a new teleserye on ABS-CBNl, who had heated arguments with the latter a week ago through twitter because of some Derek Ramsay dude.
Angelica Panganiban photo
This must have been her way of attacking the young star just to prove that she doesn’t back down on anything. Or maybe this is just a publicity stunt to promote both of their TV series just for the ratings.

Han Sung Joo clip

Thanks to a attraction is persuaded to seek a minute video recording belonging to the Han Sung Joo Part 3 Video Scandal. At the start that Han Sung Joo Part 3 Video Scandal revealed using the web via the own blog site a friend or relative, using it at present that video recording has already been frequently produced and even easily accessible. To help you improve with accusations in pass to a Han Sung Joo Part 3 Video Scandal, as well as a retired forget Korea.
Han Sung Joo Part 3 Video Scandal. Sorry to say, that reliability energies on Korea cybers been employed by promptly to help you brush online on a website and blogging that come with a website download Han Sung Ju Part 3 Video Scandal, an important retired Miss Korea 1995. Note the gathered various recommendations around Han Sung Joo Part 3 Video Scandal which you could put into action, then simply appropriate, manage this step.

You do not certainly get to earn any specific advantages of the new education neighborhood retailer make use of. In order Han Sung Joo Part 3 Video Scandal Free Download, Satisfy... Related to you no longer complete the work, since video recording could very well problems that comfort belonging to the sit back and watch.

Biggest Loser Scandal – Winner Who Lost 140 Pounds Was Pregnant With A 19 Pound Baby

Biggest Loser Scandal imgHelen Phillips carried out an inspirational journey in front of millions almost 2 years ago on the television show The Biggest Loser. The show is based around an innovative concept, where fat people come to a place to get yelled at, starved, and beaten down emotionally so they are able to lose weight. It worked for Helen Phillips. Or so everyone thought.

It has recently been uncovered that Helen needed to leave the show during taping for 3 days due to a “sickness in the family.” That sickness was one of the largest babies on record that was sitting in her belly. It was a 19 pound behemoth that she gave birth to during that 3 day absence. Helen came back to the show 30 pounds lighter but said at the time that she used the sorrow inside of her to work out harder than ever. She also stated she was unable to eat due to the sickness of her mother. Everyone believed her. Felt sorry for her. The only thing they should have felt sorry for her about was the pain involved in pushing that gigantic child from her body.

Helen recently spoke to the media about the controversy. “I’ve since spoken with producers about this perceived unfair advantage I had. There was nothing in the rules that said you could not give birth during the show. As far as my mom’s sickness, she was sick. She just happened to be very ill while I was giving birth to my 19 pound son. This is a non-issue and I can’t believe everyone is making such a big deal out of this. I worked very hard to lose all of that weight and now people are questioning it? People can be so cruel. I’m not fat anymore so they’re going to get on me about this? I was teased when I was fat and now ridiculed now that I’m not fat. I just (crying now) cannot win! My two year old weighs 161 pounds. He’s already morbidly obese. You don’t think I have enough to deal with? I won that contest fair and square. I will not apologize for that. And my son may win that damned show too if they ever have a baby edition. Then you all can persecute both of us. How does that sound? By the way, I am working with the creators of the show on a baby edition. It could be very compelling and inspirational to so many babies out there struggling with their weight.”

Helen Phillips is certainly a complex character. Part of you wants to give her a big hug and tell her it’s going to be ok, while another part wants to blast her across the face with an open fist and ask “Are you fucking serious?” Then the nice side of you thinks, wow, that would be really out of line to slap her in the face. Then the rational side of you kicks in. “Yeah, but she is a big fat liar!” Helen Phillips is a cheat and more than likely swimming in a cesspool of lunacy. Give her a good slap, or at least a purposeful poke, when you see her. She may really need it. Just be careful. Her 2 year old may be able to beat the shit out of you.