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Maggie Wu - Justin Lee Scandal

No clarification from Maggie Wu on the Maggie Wu leaked video, but Maggie was the first woman who claimed to have come into affair with Justin Lee, following the scandalous photos of Maggie Wu from different sources.
Maggie wu scandal occurred in Taiwan in which a man named Justin Lee, has a collection of Video scandal with some of the top artists in Taiwan.

Justin Lee is the son of Lee Yue Tsang, director of Yuanta Financial Holding's Company So fugitive police after he was found to have a video recording with 60 top artists of Taiwan. Justin's behavior after the discovery of one of the victims reported to the police.

Maggie Wu Justin Lee leaked videoVictims reported Justin Lee to the police after one of them made ​​unconscious and forced by Justin did Intimate relationships. The police then searched the computer investigation and found 10 other recordings by 10 artists over Taiwan.

The majority of the women in the video scandal conglomerate child slept in an unconscious condition, but some are unaware because smiling at the camera. Many artists Taiwan ever closer and allegedly dating Justin, but artists have always denied. Call it like Bianca Bai, Terri Kwan Jerry Yan's ex-girlfriend, and Maggie Wu.

But when will face further examination, Justin reportedly disappeared from Taiwan, he allegedly fled to the United States, Justin Lee is known to have U.S. passports.

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