Bliss Scandal (Download Free 3gp, avi, mpeg, wmv)

Muntinlupa Bliss Scandal (Free 3gp, avi, mpeg, wmv)

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jill rose mendoza"Bliss scandal" is a scandal which there's an old guy who molested a minor student (15 years old!). mang kanor scandalThe guy not only exploited the girl but also her older sister. And on top of that, he recorded all their encounters on video. And he did not stop at that because he blackmailed the girl for more free s3x. Some may argue all these are consensual. Regardless if the girl enjoyed it or not, she was still a young girl and he's an old ugly man.

Some said she's actually a G4H (girl 4 hire) but still, she's a minor. He deserved to be brought to jail. Heck, even the FAD Ninjas and Espiyas hates him they want to skin that old man to death.

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