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Video entitled "Cut Memey Buka Baju di TV" has been clicked more than 2 million times. This means that the video has a lot to see. In the video Cut Memey said, "Now I open the shirt ..." Then she really take her clothes off.

Up at 8:02, the video on YouTube has been clicked for 2,326,245 times. The video was posted on July 13, 2010. On the vidio Cut memey was seen wearing a pink cloth. Clothing that is released from the body by lifting it and then slowly release it through his head.

Cut Memey formerly known as the star model and presenter and then expanding as soap opera star. She recorded a successful soap opera.

While as a presenter, she had brought the TV program called "Zoom In" in Trans TV and "Buah Bibir" which aired at the quiz. In addition, Memey also guide the "Rahasia Malam" TV program and later rumored to wrestle the world of singing, with the release of her first album "Cermin Hati" (2007) by a single hits entitled "Raja Playboy".