Taiwan Justin Lee Video Photos Scandal

Justin Lee Latest Scandal

The latest news about Justin Lee s3x video scandal is surprising.

This 27-year-old man was said to have amounted to 883 minute s3x video.

justin lee video pic

Justin Lee admitted to record and store videos and photos amounted to 27.5 GB. He explained that the file is divided into 48 folders, each of which consists of 1-3 video and 3 hot photos. All in all, Justin has 176 photos and 93 videos with a total duration of 883 minutes.

The son of a Taiwanese conglomerate is argued all the women he slept was of age. But he was suspected of giving sleeping pills to drink woman he'd met at a night club. The camera was placed a hidden, because some video showed the woman did not look at the camera.

Citing Xin MSN website on Wednesday (29/8), Justin toll jumped from 31 to 50. Justin outstanding issues being targeted triad (mafia) are local to give lessons, because some women are still the relation triad. True or not, the police ensure safety Justin Taipei.

Surprisingly, video and personal photos Justin is spread in cyberspace, making netizens questioned the police performance have secured Justin's hard disk.