Angelica Panganiban Scandal

Angelica Panganiban Scandal Pics

Angelica Panganiban Scandal pics
Angelica Panganiban scandal pics were posted on different sites, but upon browsing and after conduct of deep research, the said scandal is all about her movies and nothing appears as real scandal. All Angelica Scandal is only a rumor and no prof about this rumor scandal.

I also saw a scandal on the mobile phone titled "Angelica Panganiban Scandal" but when we check the girl on the video, it's only a clear look a like and not Angelica.

Alleged Angelica Panganiban was born on November 4, 1986 in Caloocan City. She grew up without a father since her parents separated when Angelica was only two years old.

Angelica Panganiban started in showbiz at the age of six in “Ang TV” of ABS-CBN. It was followed by “Gimik” in 1996 then she took a rest from showbiz to continue her studies.

A scandalous photo of Kapamilya star Angelica Panganiban is said to have been leaked online and have been spreading all over the internet like a burning bush.

The so called Angelica Panganiban scandal photo clearly resembles her face not wearing any bra and is seemed to have been photographed by someone close to her. If this alleged scandal photo was not photoshopped at all, then we’re pretty lucky to have seen such a nice piece of asset just posted around the corner for everyone to feast upon.

According to some rumors, the said Angelica Panganiban scandal picture could have been leaked by another Kapamilya celebrity who has a new teleserye on ABS-CBNl, who had heated arguments with the latter a week ago through twitter because of some Derek Ramsay dude.
Angelica Panganiban photo
This must have been her way of attacking the young star just to prove that she doesn’t back down on anything. Or maybe this is just a publicity stunt to promote both of their TV series just for the ratings.