Biggest Loser Scandal

Biggest Loser Scandal – Winner Who Lost 140 Pounds Was Pregnant With A 19 Pound Baby

Biggest Loser Scandal imgHelen Phillips carried out an inspirational journey in front of millions almost 2 years ago on the television show The Biggest Loser. The show is based around an innovative concept, where fat people come to a place to get yelled at, starved, and beaten down emotionally so they are able to lose weight. It worked for Helen Phillips. Or so everyone thought.

It has recently been uncovered that Helen needed to leave the show during taping for 3 days due to a “sickness in the family.” That sickness was one of the largest babies on record that was sitting in her belly. It was a 19 pound behemoth that she gave birth to during that 3 day absence. Helen came back to the show 30 pounds lighter but said at the time that she used the sorrow inside of her to work out harder than ever. She also stated she was unable to eat due to the sickness of her mother. Everyone believed her. Felt sorry for her. The only thing they should have felt sorry for her about was the pain involved in pushing that gigantic child from her body.

Helen recently spoke to the media about the controversy. “I’ve since spoken with producers about this perceived unfair advantage I had. There was nothing in the rules that said you could not give birth during the show. As far as my mom’s sickness, she was sick. She just happened to be very ill while I was giving birth to my 19 pound son. This is a non-issue and I can’t believe everyone is making such a big deal out of this. I worked very hard to lose all of that weight and now people are questioning it? People can be so cruel. I’m not fat anymore so they’re going to get on me about this? I was teased when I was fat and now ridiculed now that I’m not fat. I just (crying now) cannot win! My two year old weighs 161 pounds. He’s already morbidly obese. You don’t think I have enough to deal with? I won that contest fair and square. I will not apologize for that. And my son may win that damned show too if they ever have a baby edition. Then you all can persecute both of us. How does that sound? By the way, I am working with the creators of the show on a baby edition. It could be very compelling and inspirational to so many babies out there struggling with their weight.”

Helen Phillips is certainly a complex character. Part of you wants to give her a big hug and tell her it’s going to be ok, while another part wants to blast her across the face with an open fist and ask “Are you fucking serious?” Then the nice side of you thinks, wow, that would be really out of line to slap her in the face. Then the rational side of you kicks in. “Yeah, but she is a big fat liar!” Helen Phillips is a cheat and more than likely swimming in a cesspool of lunacy. Give her a good slap, or at least a purposeful poke, when you see her. She may really need it. Just be careful. Her 2 year old may be able to beat the shit out of you.