US Secret Service Sex Scandal in Colombia

Columbian Prostitute Secret Service

colombia secret serviceA sex scandal involving secret service agents at U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to Colombia seems to be getting bigger, on Sunday (4/15/2012).

This occurred after visiting U.S. troops are also associated with the "use" female commercial sex workers.

Nine members of the secret service, known as the handling of security for senior members of the U.S. government was suspended and sent home after allegations of indecent treatment in the resort town of Cartagena, Colombia.

Five U.S. military personnel were also examined for the behavior mentioned in the hotel where the secret service staff were staying. They have been released and was allowed out of barracks.

Obama arrived Friday night at the Cartagena Summit for America. However, cases affecting overshadowing the military secret service and the regional leaders' meeting. The incident remains unclear who actually took place before Obama arrived. However, incidents involving security personnel and a number of female prostitutes.

secret service agentsFor the White House, the scandal adds to the complexity of Obama's efforts to retake a region where U.S. influence is fading. It also undermines the reputation of the secret services and raises questions about the quality of protection received by the President. Is considering the behavior of its staff in a country where guerrilla groups and drug gangs are still active.

The secret service did not disclose how the offense occurred. The White House said Obama had been notified of the incident.

Peter King, chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Homeland Security, said on Saturday, nearly all of the 11 agents that bring women into the hotel room that is separate from Obama's hotel stay.

King said he was told that anyone coming to stay at the hotel had to leave identification at the hotel reception and had to leave the hotel prior to 07:00 o'clock.

When a woman does not do that, hotel staff and police check. They found the woman was with a dealer in a hotel room. An argument occurred about whether the agency should pay for it. King said the agency is finally paying her.

The eleven members of the secret service is suspended it is a special agent, and no one was immediately assigned to protect Obama.

Although prostitution is legal in places that have been established in Colombia, such behavior would violate the rules for the secret services, in part because the agents could make it easier squeezed and counterespionage. "It also can help an enemy into security circles," said King.

An official at one of the main summit, said U.S. security contingent composition changed after the incident occurred.