Miley Cyrus Scandal

Miley Cyrus seems to have descended into a fresh photo controversy after new images purportedly displaying the tween actor participating in sexual activity popped up their way on to the Net.

The 16-year-old had already provoked shock after arranging semi-naked for the front page of Vanity Fair in 2008. The Hannah Montana top liner next landed in a further gossip when her cellular phone was hacked and pics showing Miley posing seductively in bikinis and a swimsuit were let slipped.

All the same, Miley’s spokesperson has asserted that the leaked photographs forging circles on the internet are fake and not legitimate. "The stated photo of Miley Cyrus circulating the internet is completely fabricated," the New York Daily News cited her rep as quoting.

Miley Cyrus Scandal photo

Several websites were also responding to help debunk the accuracy of the pictures by display how a genuine photo could have been manipulated.